FC Barcelona win!

After an incredibly exciting match against CF Valencia, 3 points go to Catalonia. The meeting ended with a score of 2-3 for guests. Uruguayan Luis Suarez and Leo Messi scored two goals. The first started very well hosts scoring very quickly two goals. 15 minutes into the match, Dani Parejo opened the result. After 33 minutes, after a header shot, the ball fell into Ter Stegen’s goal again. The German had nothing to say in either case. The other half goes well for guests. 53 minutes into the match, Luis Suarez made a beautiful shot from behind the penalty area. In the 80th minute Leo Messi decided to take matters into his own hands and perform a beautiful individual action ended with a goal. At the very end of the match, Luis Suarez scored a header after a corner kick by Artur Vidal. In the last minute, Valencia’s player had an excellent chance of equalization. Parejo did not take advantage of the situation alone with the German goalkeeper and the match ended with a score of 2-3.   Leo Messi scored 9.5 the highest rating of this match according to the Spanish newspaper Marc. The second is Suarez with a rating of 9.0 and Arturo Vidal – 8.5. After 13 games, FC Barcelona takes 3rd place in the table with 5 points loss to the leader of La League. Meet Las Palmas and the Barcelona derby with Espanyol before the team from Catalonia.